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Whether you are seeking a temporary job or direct position, NEED Personnel Placement has the experience and commitment to locate the job that is just right for you.

When you work with the team at NEED, you get much more than just a list of jobs; you get over 30 years of experience from a company known throughout the placement industry as the most dedicated and ethical service company industry wide!

No matter what your job requirements may be, NEED wants to be of service to you.

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Resume Submittal

NEED can help find you a job. We can’t make any guarantees. But to have a chance at a good job, we need your resume and a completed application.

NEED prefers to receive resumes via email sent to:

If you can’t email your resume you can mail or fax it to us.  But before you do, we would like you to include a short, informal note (that only NEED will see) answering the following questions:

  1. When are you available?  Can you start tomorrow or in a few days?  Do you need to give a two-week notice?

  2. Are you interested in temporary, direct, or temp to direct employment?  Some people only want direct positions. Some people don't want to be tied down and prefer temporary and contract positions.

  3. Are you willing to relocate?  Most of our positions are in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Southern New Hampshire. Not all of them are, but if our next placement is for you, can you uproot to sign on?

  4. How far will you commute every day?  Please provide us with the maximum amount of time you’re willing to commute one way.  Let us know if you can only commute via public transportation.

  5. What is your salary range?  Please give us your best competitive rate, be it an annual salary or hourly rate.  Please let us know if you want to be called on positions below that range.

  6. Are you eligible for employment in the U.S.?  All applicants are required by law to complete the Immigration and Naturalization Services I-9 form prior to accepted employment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't get the answer you're looking for, call and ask us at (781) 769-4390.

I need a job, but I have never gone through an agency before. What do I do?

First send us a copy of your resume and/or fill out an application. We will search our records to locate an open position which matches your objective and qualifications. If no match is found we will hold your resume until a definitive match is found.  When we do find a match we will contact you for a prescreening interview and discussion about the job. We’ll discuss with you the details of the opening prior to obtaining your permission to submit your resume. After submission we remain in contact with the company to be certain that you are properly considered. If the employer is interested, we will arrange either a personal or telephone interview with you. We make all the arrangements including directions, contact info, date/time and any other information we can provide you. Following the interview we will inform you of the client's reaction to the interview and keep you apprised of their decision. Finally, if you are selected, we make arrangements for you to start the job, temporary or direct, at the company.

What do I pay the agency to get me the job?

NOTHING. Our fees are always paid by the company that hires you. Our efforts to contact you, to keep your information in our database current, to discuss job opportunities with you, and to arrange interviews are free of charge.

Do you cover all geographic locations?

Since we are a single office, our focus is to work with companies in the New England area.  We can and have successfully placed personnel in other regions of the country and will consider all opportunities.  On the other hand, we have friendly partnerships with recruiting and placement firms across America. Those firms contact us from time to time to assist in their recruiting efforts.

Do you help cover relocation costs for direct jobs or per diem for temp jobs/contracts?

This depends on the client company. Per Diem can be negotiated, dependent upon residency.  Reimbursement for full relocation is up to the company looking to hire you. Most companies help in relocation costs for the right candidate for a direct position. If you would like to relocate to New England, assuming that's where the job is, you will probably receive at least some assistance. Not in every case, but most.


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Payroll and Benefits for Temporary/Contract Employees

NEED's payroll is processed on a weekly basis.  Payday is Monday for week ending Saturday, you can receive your paycheck 2 days after the end of the work week. Checks can be picked up in our office after 3:30PM, mailed or direct deposited (direct deposit takes 2 additional days).

NEED employees may be entitled to certain holiday and vacation pay.  NEED offers a 401K retirement savings plan.


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Disciplines and Skills

We are dedicated to finding you the best job. Our database of over 1,000 job skill codes creates the highest level of confidence for both candidates and clients alike.  Listed below are just some of the disciplines and skills that set NEED/CSR apart from the competition.


Civil Engineers




System Engineers




Material Control

Project Engineers



Computer Operators

Field Service

Mechanical Designers




Customer Service Reps

Graphic Designers

Mold Designers


Technical Writers


Data Entry

Hardware Engineers

Network Managers






Optical Engineers

Research and Development

Test Engineers

CAD Designers

Documentation Control

Inventory Control

Package Designers



CAD Operators


Machine Designers

Process Engineers



Call Center

Electrical Designers


Product Marketing






Production Control

Software Engineers


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