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Professionalism is the cornerstone of today's economy. From customer service to sales to engineering, the work that keeps your business moving is dependent upon skilled, professional people. In the current economic climate, there is no easy way to maintain that level of professionalism while seeking to add to the team. That's where NEED Personnel Placement can help.

Servicing YOUR NEEDs

Recruiting Qualified Candidates


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Servicing YOUR NEEDs

We would like to arrange a meeting with you to discuss all of your employment NEEDs and explain in detail, how we can find qualified candidates for you. We want to help your company grow. As you probably know, there are standard fees for our services, but the costs of utilizing the services of NEED Personnel Placement are not exorbitant. In fact, allowing NEED to do what we do best will save you time, money, and aggravation.

We have questions about what you want us to do for you. You probably have questions for us as well. Although we would gladly accept an emailed or faxed job requirement, we would much prefer a face to face meeting to discuss your NEEDs in detail. This also gives us a much better understanding of your company's facility/location and work environment. Please contact a NEED representative to schedule a meeting at your convenience with no obligation to you unless we fulfill what we have promised.


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Recruiting Qualified Candidates

NEED is a full service employment agency. We have candidates to fill temporary, temp-to-direct, and direct-hire positions that your business requires. From administrative staff to CEO's and every discipline in between, we have people available to help your company run smoothly, efficiently, and professionally.

NEED Personnel Placement is in the business of finding quality candidates who meet your criteria for the current job market. We have people from over 1000 skills/disciplines in our database. That database gives us direct, immediate access to over 37,000 professionals, many of whom we have extensive, individualized relationships with. Most of our candidates have been screened not just by typing tests and simple interviews, but also by consistent knowledge of and extensive relationships developed over the 30+ years we’ve been in the placement business.

NEED is growing well beyond those 37,000 professionals. In addition to the candidates, referrals, and friends we've met and stayed in touch with over the years, professionals seeking a change contact NEED daily. Additionally, NEED uses national contacts, networking, advertising, job fairs, and the Internet to address your NEEDs and provide your company with people who know how to get the job done. For more information call 781-769-4390 x200 or email


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Off-Site Projects/Engineering

Provide us with a project, and we will provide you with a quote to do your job from within our office. We’ll supply the engineers, the facilities, the systems, and you’ll get the finished project on time. For more information call 781-769-4390 x201 or email


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If you have a candidate you would like to hire, but don’t have approval for a direct employee or if the position is only temporary, NEED can take care of everything. We will come to your facility at your convenience to sit down with you and the candidate to handle all the employment paperwork. We will then be responsible for all payroll related functions (Workers Comp Insurance, Payroll taxes and deductions, unemployment…etc.) and you receive 1 weekly all-inclusive invoice. Just give us a call and let NEED handle the rest. For more information call 781-769-4390 x201 or email


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't get the answer you're looking for, call and ask us at (781) 769-4390.

Do you cover all geographic locations?

Since we are a single office, our focus is to work with companies in the New England area. We can and have successfully placed personnel in other regions of the country and will consider all opportunities. On the other hand, we have friendly partnerships with recruiting and placement firms across America. Those firms contact us from time to time to assist in their recruiting efforts.

When do your temporary/contract employees receive their pay?

NEED’s payroll is processed on a weekly basis. Payday is Monday for week ending Saturday; employees can receive their paychecks 2 days after the end of the workweek. Checks can be picked up in our office after 3:30PM, mailed or direct deposited (direct deposit takes 2 days).

Do you offer benefits to your temporary/contract employees?

NEED employees may be entitled to certain holiday and vacation pay. NEED offers a 401K retirement savings plan.


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Disciplines and Skills

NEED Personnel Placement is dedicated to finding you the very best candidate for the job. Our database of over 1,000 job skill codes/disciplines creates the highest level of confidence for both clients and candidates alike. From the administrative staff to the technical staff to the marketing staff to the accounting staff to the executive staff, NEED/CSR represents members of every department within a company. Our staff of recruiters comes from varied backgrounds so as to be versatile in helping client companies and candidates. Listed below are just some of the disciplines and skills that set NEED apart from the competition.


Civil Engineers




System Engineers




Material Control

Project Engineers



Computer Operators

Field Service

Mechanical Designers




Customer Service Reps

Graphic Designers

Mold Designers


Technical Writers


Data Entry

Hardware Engineers

Network Managers






Optical Engineers

Research and Development

Test Engineers

CAD Designers

Documentation Control

Inventory Control

Package Designers



CAD Operators


Machine Designers

Process Engineers



Call Center

Electrical Designers


Product Marketing






Production Control

Software Engineers


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Outplacement Services



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